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Welcome to the Robo Eireann website, the web portal of the Autonomous Robotics Research group at NUI Maynooth. We are an inter-disciplinary team of researchers from the Department of Electronic Engineering (EE), Department of Computer Science (CS) and the Hamilton Institute (HI) with an interest in areas of autonomous robotics including machine learning, legged locomotion control, real-time vision systems, perception and inference algorithms....

Since 2008 we have been participating in the NAO robot standard platform league of Robocup (, an international research and education initiative that acts as a driver for (and showcase of) research by the participants in autonomous robotics.

On these pages you will find information on our humanoid robot soccer team 'Robo Eireann' and our SFI funded Summer Internship in Autonomous Robotics (SIAR) programme. You can also follow the latest Robo Eireann exploits on FACEBOOK.

RoboCup 2013

27 30 June 2013
@Eindhoven, The Netherlands

German Open 2013

26 28 April 2013
@Magdeburg, Germany

Robot soccer demonstration

1400-1600, Friday 8 June 2012, Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth. Booking essential.

Runners up at German Open 2012

1 May, 2012

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